We connect companies looking to expand their global footprint beyond their comfort zone. Pathway offers solutions to boost involvement of enterprises in various international markets.


Trading of products and services can be a maze without proper knowledge. Identifying the right process is essential. We, at Pathway, can assist you in connecting with the right parties and be certified for international trade. Pathway can also be your trading partner in reaching international waters with its global connections.

Project Management

Project Management is no longer the same given the advancement of technology. Delivery times are shorter as companies look to meet their goals and objectives quicker than ever before. Pathway’s capabilities in project management is much more than just delivering a successful project. We engage through tried and tested methods, curate courses that pertain to changing the way you manage projects and look at empowering teams with a more flexible approach.

Exhibitions & Conferences

Exhibition participation is an artform that requires a multitude of experience and planning. Unsuccessful participation is common and Pathway can assist in changing that to a become an effective marketing tool. Pathway’s expertise and experience in executing exhibitions and conferences industry is second to none giving you reassurance that your involvement will be a fruitful one.

Pavilion Organisation

Pavilions are often used as a method of participation at Exhibitions to engage with target audiences on a more unified level. It is also a more cost effective solution for smaller companies who may not have the investment to pursue large exhibition participation. Pathway strives to provide that platform to start the process in bringing awareness to the companies as well as beginning the process of exporting products and services that have the potential to grow beyond the shores of one’s own country.

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