People Development

We understand how emerging market trends are affecting how entities perform. Our solutions are targeted to authentically humanise and empower individuals to drive results.

Leadership Management

True leaders have willing followers who will support them to execute a vision. Pathway helps you turn managers into leaders who have the initiative, passion and drive to take your organisation into new territory.

Change Management

Change is a word many people are afraid of and yet it is inevitable. Organisations need to embrace change to remain competitive. We help your people see the benefits of change and impart the tools to help them implement it with success.

Communication & Presentation

Pathway adopts a unique approach to enhancing communication and presentation skills to increase influence and engagement with an organisation’s stakeholders. Communication will never be the same again.

Sales Enhancement

Selling is not about pushing products and services but about giving people what they need. Our sales programmes are designed to equip organisations with a customer-centric approach to sales.

NLP Certification Programme

If there is one programme you should send your people for, it is this comprehensive programme that will raise their emotional intelligence and charge them with the passion you need to make things happen.

Innovation & Design Thinking

You’ve heard of thinking out of the box. Well, at Pathway, we believe in teaching people how to think inside the box, using current resources and tools to create new products and services that the market wants.

Employee Development

Show your people how to develop emotional intelligence and empowering beliefs that will unleash their potential and watch your company surge forward like never before.

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